First Animation In World

Posted by Shahin Bahremand (Tehran, Iran) on 13 April 2011 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

تهران - ميدان امام خميني - موزه ي ملي ايران باستان
اين عكس متعلق به نخستين انيميشن ساخته شده در جهان است كه در استان سيستان و بلوچستان و شهر سوخته پيدا شده است

ظرف سفالی پایه دار – شهر سوخته – سیستان و بلوچستان
اواخر نیمه ی دوم هزاره ی سوم پیش از میلاد
ظرف پایه دار سفالی با نقش یک بز در پنج حرکت متفاوت به سوی درختچه که ابتدا درختچه را هدف گرفه و در حرکت دوم دو پای جلوی خود را برای حهیدن به سوی درختچه بلند کرده و در حرکت سوم به بالای درختچه جهیده و در حرکت چهارم مشغول تغذیه از درختچه و در آخرین حرکت عقب گرد نموده و در حال پایین آمدن از درختچه می باشد.
نقش مورد نظر کهن ترین بیان تصویری حرکت و انیمیشن از دوران باستان است

Tehran - National Museum - First Animation In World

Shahr-e-Soukhte – Sistan Va Balouchestan
Late Half of 3rd millennium before Christ
A Pottery beaker with the picture of a goat that in five steps moves toward a tree, climbs up, feeds and comes down.
This picture could be one of the first attempts of artists to show a scene of feeding by means of an animation

First Animation of the World Found In Burnt City
Tehran (Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency) -- An animated piece on an earthen goblet that belongs to 5000 years ago was found in Burnt City in Sistan-Baluchistan province, southeastern Iran.
The earthenware found in Burnt City, one of the most developed civilizations dating back to 5000 years ago, show the images of goat and fish more than any other subject. It seems these animals were used more than any other by the people of this city.
On this goblet, with a diameter of 8 cm and height of 10 cm, the images show movement in an intricate way that is an unprecedented discovery. Some earthenware found in Burnt City show repetitive images, but none of them implicate any movements.
"While excavating the grave in which the cream-colored goblet has been found, we came across a skeleton that probably belongs to the creator of this piece", Mansour Sajjadi, the Iranian archeologist responsible for excavations in Burnt City told CHN.
The archeologists have managed to make an animated piece on the basis of these images in the form of a 20-second film.
Sajjadi said, "The images we have come across in Burnt City have no precedence in prehistoric times."
After 8 seasons of research in Burnt City, this 5000-year-old site dating back to 2nd or 3rd century BC still holds many secrets within. Burnt City was civilized and developed, and cherished very important ancient crafts including jewelry making and pottery.

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